On the construction of a country house


The main cause of, by which people, living in metropolitan areas, acquire land for the construction, of the country house, is the desire to make his own summer vacation, and weekends away from the hustle and bustle. But sometimes their family budget is not very big and does not allow to invest in the construction of this whole entire amount.

But there are some useful tips from the experts, the first of them is the choice of the site. If you want to pick up on their own land, it is important to pay attention not only on how much it costs, but also to other. Прежде всего, следует учитывать какая у него транспортная доступность и наличие самой инфрастуктуры с коммуникациями, also look at the environmental safety, that is, whether there are nearby primyshlennye enterprises and agricultural production. Important and configuration, relief, and orientation of land to the cardinal.

When the land has already been acquired, should move on to the planning. Например, if your site has a rectangular shape and direction of winds known, also Orientation, and even if there are road, water and electricity will soon be, gas is imported and is not expected sewerage, at the beginning, necessary to determine the most fundamental building up. Это, if in the village Master Plan, which is mandatory for developers. In order not to have problems with the law are worth exploring building regulations. Comply with these laws by building on your lot, inclusive economic, you can at will, while respecting, firefighters and construction requirements.

Garden house should be on the red line of the street at a distance of not less than 5 метров, and the red line drive over 3 метра, as well as from the adjacent portion.

Country house in which live permanently is to be built from a nearby stone at a distance 6 метров. А, stone house, from an adjacent wood on 8-10 метров. Wood from the wood on the 8015 метров.

Although you will dispose of its territory in the future, whether it is a garden or a garden plot, as lawn or flower garden, and even part-time farm, in which small animals, all data construction require locking, maximum saving itself the green zone.

Necessary to calculate the layout of your site, чтобы у него был масштаб не менее 1:50. Should do it on thick paper, because the plan you may need in the future.

It is necessary to identify the location of the house, thus it is necessary to take into account the number of boulders, which are suitable for the foundation, and stumps, they should be uprooted. Necessary to provide orientation space, that was the maximum insolation. One of the important points that, that it is necessary to determine the place of departure by your plot. Take into account the use of cars and trucks, and still further to calculate an extension of premises summer destination ( terraces and porches).

Planking or log house, which area 16-25 кв. meters is considered the most expedient option of construction of this building, while still economical.

The building itself, it would be better to start with the bathroom, you simply place the panel board booth, s back. It further, can be easily transferred to other locations. At this time in the construction markets themselves have lots of choices of homes. But the best is a log or a holiday home from bars, that small stove with oven-. In this beautiful house can easily accommodate, from April to November. Well, and the construction of the shed, or bathhouse is already getting quite separate article.

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