How to make a screed?


Как сделать наливной пол?Сегодня модным является наливной пол, laying on of which will be discussed in this review.
It starts pouring screed with procedures such as priming, leveling and filling holes. All these stages, in case of need, made more than once on a dried and pre-Bare surfaces. Primed base screeds should be to eliminate holes and rubbing surfaces to shine, that will produce good quality indicators of the future of flooring. The number of levels of coverage and the amount of required materials is consistent with the qualitative characteristics of the material for priming, applied using tools, as taenia, swab, rubber broom or airless spray, on the basis of cost one hundred to two hundred grams per square meter.
If you notice side effects such as whitening of the primed surface, prostupleniya foam and other urgently need to stop priming and clarify the causes of such manifestations, of which the most common is the level of humidity in the apartment. Primer coating other materials possible in the span of four to six hours to days of priming.
On the first coat with fur on a roller to apply thin coatings in the amount of two layers or fill with its thick layers of two-component coatings with subsequent distribution of material with special mops and spatulas. It should be taken into account, что смешанные материалы недолговечны и перед работой с ними требуется создать комфортное освещение, alert the required equipment and check the quality of primer, applied to the surface and the absence of sexual it has.
In order, to apply the relevant components of the packaging you need to build solutions, drill, trowels, broom, aerotsionnye fillets and solvent.
An important condition for high-quality potting sexes is to comply with sterility and sexual surfaces exception being hit not peculiar objects, that is provided using well-groomed and cleared out the shoes and equipment, pouring the contents of a thorough package of materials and thorough mixing in two stages, namely unpacking containers with ingredients and shake up the state of complete uniformity consistency with the rise from the bottom sediment pigments, and then pouring the mixture into another bucket with repeated agitation. A blend of ready to use immediately after mixing, pouring it onto the floor, using a notched trowel, trowel and mops. The tool should be selected, based on the characteristics of sex, which is applied to the material. To achieve the perfect smoothness of the surface should be spiked roller to make rolling in different directions for 10-20 minute, without taking the roll of material, avoiding moisture on the floor until it sets. It should be a mix of two-component materials, that can be used during zhizennye term solution and avoid after completion of the pouring of the floor to enter the apartment, in which the floor is laid strangers, animals, Insects, birds and transport, ensuring maximum sealing premises.

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