Types of wrenches


Виды гаечных ключейCurrently, the most common plumbing tool is a wrench, many varieties of which is presented on the market. Even the simplest of actions in the form of tightening the bolt or nut wrench run, rather many of its species. In addition, there are also special wrenches, intended to define the scope.
For each type characterized by the presence of their own advantages and disadvantages, which it would be nice to know, not to be mistaken with a choice of. Knowing, What is the purpose for a particular key, you, buying it, will use it, and do not send in a corner due to the fact, that he will not come.
Итак, The main types of keys that are carob, collar, Torque, a certificate of divorce, or a combination (open-end wrench on the one hand, On the other hand cap).
Speaking of wrenches in general, usually mean exactly carob views. This kind of keys involves fixing nuts between the two jaws, resembling the horns, which gave the name of the key. Standard defines a clue how to wrench open-end.
At different ends of the handle open-end wrench has two heads, which can operate with nuts of different sizes. This makes it possible to reduce the number of wrenches in the set is almost twice.
This is an extremely simple and versatile tool, which, even though some of their disadvantages, received the most widespread. To the main drawback spanner is the location of two small contact areas near the corners of the nut: when these areas are under pressure, not exclude the risk hauls uglov nuts.
Compression, or ring spanner is more perfect than an open-end, because its design has the disadvantage, referred to above. Head Allen wrench is able to cover the entire collar entirely, so that the pressure is distributed evenly on all six faces. Spots contact are spaced from the corners, so the risk of crushing the nuts zero. The head box wrench has a smaller size, something in Rozhkov analogue, therefore it is much more convenient to work.
Combination wrench is made in such a way, that one end of the handle is a ring spanner head, and on the other - bean. This is a competent combination, by which we get two keys, each of which is free from defects inherent to each other individually. Today's manufacturers are not only limited to this combination, available on the market model, combining open-end and end keys, Other variants. However, the default is, that the combined version is presented exactly this combination slip-and open-end wrench.
In wrench, which is inherently open-end wrench, changing the distance between the jaws. These kinds of keys in the home the most in demand, but professionals are reluctant to use them because of the presence of certain deficiencies:
The large size of the head does not allow to use a key in a remote place
Can not impact the nut due to backlash of the movable jaw, bringing key breaks
Rapid wear of the mechanism of the movable jaw.
Inability to create a large torque due to the low strength of the sponge.
Torque wrench is equipped with a dynamometer, allows the master to control stress at a fixed mounting. Through this, professionals prefer to use just such a key.

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  1. Я бы еще добавил, that recently went nuts European standard, ie. increments 1 мм. A Russian(Soviet) Key to this classification was not. For example the key to 15mm. Because of this, to have to shell out for a new set of keys.
    Подробнее: https://diy.ru/dom_i_uchastok/68_stroitelstvo_doma/86_dveri/tools/gaechnyie-klyuchi-vidyi-i-naznachenie/

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