The contrasts of black


Over a long period of human society has come up with a lot of stereotypes, logic which is now difficult to understand. In an attempt to understand the world people have tried it for color and flavor, eventually fail certain concepts in all matters. Sometimes he found naturally right colors, sometimes mistaken, adding to the collection of preconceived misconceptions and conclusions. One of the most well-known prejudice in interior design is the familiar idea of ​​the darkness of black. Whether due to the fact, that in the natural environment of the European people do not have anything of a black, whether due to some other cause, but the color is always perceived as something metaphysical and mysterious. For some it creates unpleasant epithets and associations - the color of the deep and gloomy darkness, inconsolable grief, fiend. and, maybe, ввиду этого в чистом виде в интерьере применяется нечасто.

But black can also win your heart. It is not right, that it necessarily makes the interior of the home unsuitable for a life of comfort and joyless, Experts Say. It's more than in any other color made so many subtexts and hints: literature, art, philosophical and emotional. As no other, it attracts the eye, noteworthy, makes you wonder. It is different, changeable, never the same. One designer described this variety as follows: "There are so many shades of black: sad and matte black - crape, rich black - Taffeta, flowing black - satin, delicate black - veils, Royal intense black - velvet, strict - silk, official and joyful - polish. It is neither joyful, nor sad, it's elegance and poise, it is an eternal and perfect. He also sluggish mind, the nights.

Black is the perfect backdrop for almost all subjects. Remember showcases jewelry stores. In the same way all objects become diamonds, even the most unassuming and simple, are placed on a background of black wall. Kontrarny black color of the walls perfectly delineates the contours of objects, makes them complete and elevates to the level of art, are enclosed in the frame. More pointedly say about his leadership on a black background chairs, tables and beds. Bright is even brighter, light - eщё svetlee.

If the walls black can add solemnity and elegance interior, as sex, black is an amazing property to make a scene near a transparent and easier. In Situation, when the ceiling and walls white or a light, black floor seems deepest lake underfoot, visually extending the height of the room. Diametric opposite of 2-color data, pushing one painted differently from one surface, makes white walls soar and dissolve over the dark floor. This contrast creates a sense of infinity of space and airiness, Meanwhile, half black necessarily focuses on the lower plane of the room, compositionally organizes its parts. Furniture, even in a chaotic manner are scattered throughout the room, because magnetism subfloor with confidence is in place. Any arbitrary rotation chair is perceived as an elaborate course.

Unlike the floor, outplay and releasing certain items, black ceiling, opposite, can act as a bridge, linking disparate objects.

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