How to choose a suspended ceiling. Types and Features


If you need to install a suspended ceiling own living space, that he was an unusual and extraordinary, then you need to read this article, in which we will examine varieties of ceilings on forms, that they have an opportunity to take. Since rovnenky snow-white ceiling remained in the distant past. Replaced by modern ceilings, that have a good chance to take almost, that all you devise or your designer form. And so, you have decided to install suspended ceiling.

1 of the ceiling, we look around - this is a traditional. That of an ordinary ceiling and rovnenky, although it can be placed not only horizontally, but also under an angle which at least, properly, that will give the room an unusual look and elegant shape. Although this needs to be very scrupulous, and it is better to use a professional designer offerings, that mark, suitable to your situation ceiling with a slope.

2-the second option the ceiling - a multi-level. Such a kind of a stretch ceiling is quite entertaining, because there is a great opportunity to work on the volume of the building, making it a "rush" up, asymmetrical or plastic. In a suspended ceiling can be installed electrical lamps spot, in those cases, the exterior of the building will be the result of air.

Kind of a stretch ceiling, "a semi-circular arch" allows you to fully adjust the geometry of the building. It can be arranged around the room, in these cases would be a kind of ceiling dome.

The most difficult, the most attractive and most unusual option of stretch ceiling is considered the "Stars", recent years, which is too famous. Weightless clouds make sense of soaring. A shining star of heaven makes a special magical aura.

Installation stretch ceiling. Installing ceiling traditionally takes only 1 day, properly, and that is a significant advantage. Besides, ceiling just dismantled, as long as it is necessary to carry out some work and re-installation does not worsen the quality of the ceiling.

Stretch ceilings have in its list of luxurious selection of colors and textures, and do not burn out. Such ceilings now allocate a huge scope for the imagination of any designer. Elasticity of the fabric, You can do multi-level composition, having a rather small number of joints.

At the moment the market has more than two hundred square meters of flower species, and much more opaque and glossy textures.

For example: Metallic, tree, "Universe", shutters or will Suede. And, enjoys the reputation of a combination of the varieties in the invoice, например, with glossy opaque.

In a lighting himself in the suspended ceiling can be mounted at least some lighting equipment, although most often this point with simple electrical lamps or halogen lamps. That electrical lamps are not heated blade, place them on special racks. In the ceiling is inserted himself not only all kinds of very chandeliers, although further, and alarm system, fire protection and ventilation.

Stretch ceiling is asking for little or no additional care for it. Therefore, save energy and money, that will be required for major cosmetic or repair. Warranty about 10 лет, although he did have the opportunity to serve significantly more.

Because the distance from the ceiling to the base key is 2 centimeters, it allows to save more independent place, rather than in the application of false ceilings. They are water-resistant, do not form a condensate on its own plane.

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