How to choose the right paint for interior decoration?

Золотая краска для оформления интерьера Author

Золотая краска для оформления интерьераToday, the store can see a huge variety of finishing materials. However, the paint does not lose its popularity and relevance. Следует отметить, that such a finish requires careful surface preparation: alignment, cleaning and degreasing. If the wall or ceiling will be any defects, they would be visible after painting.

There are many kinds of paint, which can not be used as a space, and the inside. To start with the dignity of the paint as a finishing material. Прежде всего, it conceals space, allows you to show your own imagination and creativity, experiment with shades. Moreover, painted surface can always be repainted. And yet submitted tool can be used even in places, other materials where there is no possibility to apply. However, you need to choose the right material, since there exist compositions, which can not be used indoors. Итак, a closer look at the composition of the paint.

The facility has several components: Media, binder and pigment. Thanks to the last component of the paint is the color. The binder enables the ink well attached to the surface and form a continuous film upon drying. Because paint medium is a liquid and has smoothness during application. After, as a means of drying on the wall, carrier evaporates.

Appearance of the paint after drying is directly dependent on, as corresponds pigment and a binder between a. If a pigment consisting of a lot of, then the surface will be dimmed. The paint can be diluted with water (latex) or organic substances (Oil, Alkyd). Water-based tools are used more often, because they are environmentally friendly and can not long retain their decorative function, regardless of their operating conditions. As for solventborne paints, it tends to crack over time. Moreover, It is not quite clear from the environmental point of view. During operation, they can have a strong and unpleasant odor.

Latex paint does not have a bad odor and dries very quickly (to 12 часов). The only drawback of such a tool is, painted walls that can be rapidly blurring. However, if the paint has a high degree of water resistance, that dirt can be washed.

The most common colors, which can be used indoors, are water-dispersible. The basis of such funds - Acrylate. Such paints are breathable and good pairs, resistant to the effects of alkalis, abrasion. The walls are coated with a very well to washing, it being possible to use any detergent. Buy a paint can at any hardware store. Usually it has a white color, therefore, to create a specific color to be added to it additional Kohler. It is advisable to use the dyes, recommended by the manufacturer of paint chosen. Moreover, when dry shade can brighten one or two colors, what to consider when tinting.

During the selection of paint should pay attention to the fact, What basis will be painted: Mineral, wood or other. Естественно, should be calculated, how much money you will need for registration of a particular area. In the store you look closely at the inscriptions on the bank. Here you can find out the composition of funds, its purpose, Paint consumption per square meter, as well as all the features, that should be considered when using the.

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