How useful decorative panels in birch finish


A large number of people these days are giving their preference to all natural and ecological.

Building materials market is not in place and offers a new and innovative solutions for repair.

One of such eco-friendly natural materials steel decorative birch panel.

Panel suitable for processing any surface indoors, will be combined with furniture made of natural materials and "revive" any interior.

As part of birch panels: elm, waterproof cardboard and eco-friendly adhesive composition. While respecting the operation panel will serve to 25 years.
Pros birch panels

Due to its natural structure, panel will be a great decoration for any home.

Everyone knows, that wooden houses healthier and sleep and breathe, but not everyone has the opportunity to purchase or build a wooden house, elm and can serve as an excellent substitute and create "stone box" effect of the wooden structure. Proved, that biologically active substances in bark constantly "charged" air, they are anti-allergic agents and antiseptics, so that the bark is useful in finishing and health.

Moreover, natural calm color such panels do not hurt the eyes, but rather promotes their relaxation, that is very important in today's hectic lifestyle. And if various artificial materials can irritate and unwholesome affect vision, then elm, as a natural material, always be calm. And not only their appearance, but eshtё and schёt Togo, that the reflected light from it becomes soft eye pleasing shade.

An important factor in the use of birch panels was that, This material repels water and does not attract dust, hence, it can be easily and quickly when necessary wash.

By design, each panel is made of birch bark - it silencer, which is indispensable, when neighbors are noisy neighbors live, or you do not want, to hear you.
Even uneven surfaces not prevent placement birch panels, they are quick and easy assembly (You can even over wallpaper), and not have to use the help of professionals. Moreover, drawing on each panel is different from other, and you can decide for yourself, the order in which they will take place on the wall.

Apply panel is easy and pleasant, however, some rules still will not be superfluous.
1.Before applying you must thoroughly clean and degrease the surface. If the wallpaper is very firmly glued to the walls, they can be left there, and.
2. Apply glue needed around the perimeter and in the center. Enough for perimeter band width of about 4 inches, and in the center is better to make the stain more (mainly the weight will stay on this adhesive), about 3 centimeters within. After applying the adhesive, panel must be strongly pressed against the wall and keep it in Seconds. The main thing - to follow, All side panels that were held tightly to the wall surface.
3. Adjust the panel specifically for a certain place is not difficult, this can be done with a conventional cutter.
4.Birch panels blend well with a variety of wooden elements, so if you want you can always create your own unique composition.

The panel by an expensive product, but the placement of several panels in the bedroom or in the workplace that are.

If your main food is not junk food, if you do not drink the tap water and otherwise care about your health, then the acquisition of panels made of natural materials - a reasonable and sensible decision.

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